About Zion

I’m a middle aged black man moving around the world living a life as an ESL instructor, writer, and world friend. What does it mean to be a world friend? Well, a world friend is an individual who is able to make friends with people all over the world and keep in touch.

As an ESL instructor I am able to meet many nationalities and learn about different cultures. Being an ESL instructor in the U.S. has only made the wanderlust grow with each new student I meet.

Honestly though, I’m just a man. I’m a man who is living life the best way he can. Sometimes, it requires more than I think I have in myself to get through. This blog is a way to record and share what life is like as a black man living abroad, crossing cultures, and surviving this thing we call life.┬áThis will be a very personal blog. I don’t claim to represent any groups or any particular ideas belonging to any school of thought. I just hope to share my passions, dreams and lessons learned.


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